The JUGENDJAZZORCHESTER.CH offers talented Swiss musicians the chance to work on a program written especially for the ensemble over a period of several months and then perform it as part of a nationwide tour. Thus, in addition to the existing offers in the orchestra and chamber music sector in Switzerland, there is finally also continuous support in jazz, as far as large formats are concerned.


The JUGENDJAZZORCHESTER.CH is under the artistic direction of Benjamin Weidekamp. Even if the compositions are explicitly created for the current instrumentation – in jazz there are rarely completely through-composed forms.


TOUR 2024

Fr. 23.02.24 Aarbergerhus, Ligerz
Sa. 24.02.24 Mehrspur, Zürich
So. 25.02.24 Jazzcampus Club, Basel
Di. 27.02.24 Konsi Winterthur
Do. 29.02.24 EJCM, Délemont
Sa. 02.03.24 Turnhalle, Bern with Bern Art Ensemble
So. 03.03.24 AMR Genf
Mo. 24.06.24 JazzAscona
Sa. 31.08.24 Meilemer Jazznächte


Soon we are ready for the TOUR 2024. We are excited to present the new program in Ligerz, Zurich, Basel, Winterthur, Delémont, Ascona, and Meilen!


Are you interested in joining the JUGENDJAZZORCHESTER.CH?
We are looking forward to getting to know you!

The JJO meets in winter and concludes the session with a tour in the following February/March. There are 3 rehearsal weekends and a rehearsal week. This is followed by the tour, which takes place over a period of approx. 10 days.